Monday, November 28, 2011


This last weekend I went up to a place called Island Park and went snowmobiling, or snow machining as the locals call it. Basically it was an adventure.

We got up to the hills where we were going to and unloaded the machines just fine. The guy I went with assured me that he and I would be driving the good machine and the other couple would have the less-than-good machine. I didn't really concern myself with which we would have too much.

Anyway, we got about 200 yards out of the parking lot and the 'good' machine started struggling so we pulled over. It was broken. Haha. How funny is that!? I laughed out loud a few times at the situation. Luckily my friend didn't get angry about things not working out like most guys would. I hate being around guys that are angry/frustrated. Especially when I just want to be happy.

When we got the machines back to the truck he took me to see some waterfalls on the working machine and that was fun. Hopefully we'll go again and they'll both work. I just love that my first experience with snowmobiling was so entertaining and memorable. 

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