Monday, November 7, 2011

Power of the Priesthood

The Spirit is so amazingly strong in my apartment right now. I don't want to do anything to make this feeling go away.

All day, I've been feeling extremely sick and taking medication and trying to sleep it off and every other earthly remedy I could think of I decided that I needed to call my home teacher to get a priesthood blessing for healing and comfort. Now, I've had this ailment many times before but never as bad as today and I thought that was weird because I haven't done anything too different with my life lately but it all makes sense now.

I believe my home teachers were at class so I called upon another friend of mine, who thank Heaven was willing. He came over with another of our mutual friends and they gathered my roommates and myself in the living room of our apartment and gave a small devotional to invite the Spirit of our Heavenly Father into the room. Before they began, John reminded me that the blessing would take affect according to my faith. After asking my full name they proceeded to leave me with a very special and very touching blessing of both comfort and healing.

Cameron was the one to give me the blessing. Seriously one of the most touching blessings I have ever received and I've had more than I can count in my life. About half-way through it all hit me at once, I was going to be fine and my Heavenly Father was aware of my pain and discomfort. I could feel His love. There were times when Cameron would pause and I knew he was listening, listening for what he should say next. Those moments were the most poignant.

I am so blessed to be in a place where basically every man I meet has the ability to heal and/or comfort me in times of need. I love that I can call upon almost any of my guy friends for a blessing when I stand in need of one. BYU-I is truly the place I am meant to be at this time of my life.

I mentioned that it made sense why today hit me worse than ever before, well, one of my roommates has been struggling with thoughts that men do not love as much as women do or that they won't always be there for us. After my blessing she said that the feeling in the room totally shot her ideas about men out of the water. I know that if I hadn't been so sick today I wouldn't have called upon the priesthood holders in my life and my roommate would not have had the experience that helped her see that men really do love as much as women do. Heavenly Father really does know each and every one of His children and He works through mysterious means to bring to pass His great works.

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