Monday, November 14, 2011

Angel on Earth

So tonight, a couple of my roommates and I decided it was time to make a trip to the grocery store.

So we went.

And we got a ton of stuff and figured it was time to stop (we went to the store starving...)

Ashtyn was the last one to check out and before we even got to the counter she was concerned that her credit card wasn't going to work because it'd been having some weird problems lately. Anyway, she got up there and surprise surprise, her card didn't work.

After trying a couple times the guy behind her offered to just cover the bill for her. Of course she wasn't going to let that happen so she went off to try to get some cash while we waited at the register. While she was gone the young man behind us went ahead and paid for her groceries!

Afterward Ashtyn tried to get some contact info so she could eventually pay him back but he wouldn't let her give him any money so she didn't get a number or anything. He was SO dang nice about it all too! Only in Rexburg, I swear!

When we left the store, Jenny wondered where he had gone because he had left just ahead of us. "He disappeared! It's like he's an angel!" Basically, we had an awesome time at the store. Even though both Jenny and I had a HUGE headache the whole time. 

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