Friday, June 22, 2012

River Adventures!

It was a GORGEOUS day here in Rexburg and a few of my friends put together a trip to a local river for some fun. They rented some kayaks, paddle boards and tubes.

Me, Dan, Janelle, and Cam on our way to the river. 
Janelle and I in the truck, ready to float!
The river

Oh yeeeeeah!
We love the sun!!

I started out on a tube but eventually switched to a kayak and I fell in love. It was an awesome work-out but it was incredibly fun. But I did have a little adventure with my kayak. I found that I really liked going over the rapids. Hopefully, I'll be able to go again soon and experience some better rapids. 

We came up on an old bridge that only had the stone pillars left and I saw that the best rapids were on the far side so I started paddling over to it. I thought that I was clear but somehow I slammed into the stone pillar on my side and the river's current tipped my kayak sideways and water was rushing on me, pinning me to my kayak. I was in shock, stuck, unsure of what to do, clutching my paddle. Eventually I realized there was nothing I could do to get myself out with the kayak so I kinda rolled off and grabbed my life jacket that was under my legs on the way. It was incredible how fast that water moved.

The guy that was just ahead of me is a life guard and he immediately went into that mode. I struggled over to his paddle boat and assessed my injuries. My leg was scratched up and bruised and the bottom of my foot was slightly cut and there was a little chunk of skin missing on my hip.

Eventually my kayak dislodged itself and was caught by another of our party and I got back on. It was quite the experience.

Now I sit here on my bed burned to a crisp...looking like a tomato. Basically I love my life and the experiences that I have. Whoop!