Friday, November 11, 2011


Okay everyone, I've decided that there is nothing more annoying than the awkward is-this-a-date? moment. I'm supposed to go rock climbing tonight with a guy from my trig class at the beginning of the semester BUT I have no idea if it's a date or what. I'm almost to the point of annoyance that I just don't want to go anymore. Where are the guys that will ask you point blank, "Will you go out with me on ____day? We could do this this and this at this time." I really don't like this whole, "Hey wanna go hang out?" LAME! Grow a pair guys.

On a MUCH happier note...HARRY POTTER CAME OUT TODAY! I even dreamt about buying the DVD last night. Sad I know. Seriously guys, I'm beyond happy that I am now the happy owner of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2. :) My life of Harry Potter has been complete. Now I just need to visit the park in Orlando and Europe too.

Last of all..Where are all the happy people today?! I swear, everyone is in such a bad mood. It's 11-11-11; isn't it supposed to be a happy, lucky day? Whatever y'all. There is so much to be happy about today!! It's the weekend! :)

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