Monday, February 20, 2012

Musings of a Food Poisoned Mind

I had my first experience with food poisoning the other day and let me tell you, it is NOT fun at all. The way I felt, death was a serious possibility. Though I did learn something from this experience that you should all learn, never make a promise to yourself when you're sick. It's not smart.

As I was laying in my bed, contemplating the choice that had landed me in that very place (to eat some fast food) and I made a very rash vow. I said to myself, "Bri. Do you like feeling like this? Ha. You are not ever allowed to eat fast food ever again." At the time, I was all for not eating fast food again but right now I'm really cravin' a cheese burger. Basically, I'm not going to follow my little proclamation.

On a totally unrelated note, I had a really good night last night. People here in the Burg are so silly, I am in awe of the things that young men will do to put a smile on someone's face. I went to some new friends' apartment last night and they were sitting around their living room listening to smooth jazz, while checking the stocks on their iPads, while dressed in dark wash jeans, button down shirts with sweaters over the top and suit jackets and dress shoes. I couldn't take any of them seriously, but I loved it none the less. Funniest part of the whole thing was the fact that I had been considering inviting one of the young men over that night but I had decided against it just because I didn't know what we would do or whatever. But when I checked my phone I had a text from the same young man asking me over. Crazy coincidence eh?

Well, happy President's Day to all you blog readers out there. I hope it's full of shopping, relaxing, and or productivity for ya.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ASL, Coincidences, Letters, and Shooting

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means that I had the opportunity to go to devotional. Normally, I sit in the upper levels but this time I sat in the hearing impaired section with a friend of mine who is an ASL student. It was an incredible experience. Not only was the devotional particularly good, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the signers translating for the deaf students around me. Sitting there I realized that I wanted to be able to do that too. I decided that I have to take ASL next semester, I desperately want to learn how to use my hands and facial expressions to communicate with the people who are unable to hear, like I can. 

Somehow, I think I was supposed to be sitting in that very spot on that very day to come to the realization that ASL is something I really want to learn. My sister made a comment a little while ago about coincidences. She said that she's realizing more and more that there really are no such thing as coincidences, everything happens for a reason and works out for a reason. The people we meet, when we meet them, the experiences we have, when we have them. So true. I've always believed that but it was just something that I really needed to hear right then. Things really do happen for a reason, even if I don't realize it until much later or maybe even if I don't ever figure out the reason. Sometimes, I'm not supposed to understand why someone was put in my life because it's part of their story, not mine.

3 stamps...that's why my first letter never made it.
Also, I got a letter yesterday, all the way from AFRICA! Jealous? One of my friends is on a mission way over there and I couldn't be more happy for him. It's beyond words to watch a young man change over the course of two years through letters. I don't even know how to describe the difference I see in the missionaries I write to.

Last little tidbit for all you readers, I went shooting yesterday. Yeah. I know, I'm turning into a little Idaho girl. Not exactly sure how I feel about that yet. But I had fun so I guess I'm somewhat okay with the idea. I have to say the best part was the smell; it was like fireworks. Awesome I tell you. Hopefully, I'll be a great markswoman someday. We'll see about that....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Okay, I ended up going to Woman in Black. Not alone though. THANK HEAVEN! I think I would've been beside myself if I had gone alone. One of my old roommates, Jenny, was nice enough to go with me. We had a blast freaking out both because of the movie and because we were in the mood to be scared. I'm ashamed to say that I spent a good majority of the movie hiding behind my coat, though I didn't leave the theater! I'm hoping to see it again before I leaves the theaters.

Right now, my brother-in-law has a bunch of friends and family over for the Super Bowl and holy dang it's loud in here. But I love it. And the food.....YUMMMMMMM! I live for this kind of finger foods. I don't really care about the game at all simply because I feel like the sport is boring but the commercials are awesome! I love Super Bowl commercials. They're ridiculously clever. It's too bad that companies don't try this hard on all of their ads; though I would probably have a lot less money if they did.

So, the half-time show was real good; if you missed it then you probably don't care, but it was good, in case you were wondering. Madonna was kinda freaky but she had some good people show up to help her out (LMFAO!!!!!! Nicki Minaj and Cee-lo Green).

Side note: I would really like to see LMFAO in concert. The end.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's...the Woman in Black!

The past few days have been a bit rough on me but I think I knew after the amazing weekend I had, it was just a matter of time before I hit a low. My life is just that predictable. Haha

So, this movie, Woman in Black comes out tomorrow and I desperately want to see it. At first I thought of a couple of guys that could go with me just so I wouldn't feel so vulnerable watching a scary movie. But neither came through. So I'm going to go alone most likely. I can see it now...I walk in, find a seat, some attractive males sit in the vicinity of my seat, something scary happens in the movie and I freak out, they laugh at me. Yep. It's going to be epic. Please refrain from becoming jealous.

Okay, so I'm sitting here listening to Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had" and I'm simply in awe at this woman's strength. Although I know that she's not always independent and strong like the lyrics of her song suggest, but still. I want to have that kind of strength and confidence in myself but you know what? It's hard sometimes. Knowing you're better than how he treats you and walking away. It can be done but it isn't very fun.

I've also found myself listening to more Adele than I have in awhile...hmmm...I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite songs from her.
Simply gorgeous.