Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Mill

Last night my roommates and I and our dates went to the Haunted Mill that's just outside of our little college town. I'm way glad that I asked a guy to go with me to this - I would've died otherwise. I'm sure the Mill was nothing new when compared with the hundreds of Haunted Houses across the country but this was my first venture into one, and it was sure memorable.
My date made the experience so fun for me and I'm sure he got a good laugh out of it as well. Because there were 7 of us in our group we had to split up (only 5 were allowed in a group), Cameron and I went on our own. As soon as we went in we were calling from the odd man out of the other group. But Cam and I had a blast going through that Mill. I'll admit, I screamed a few times when the 'spooks' ran at me (especially when Cam made me stand in front of him) or followed me.
At one point during the adventure in the dark, Cameron and I got too close to the group in front of us so one of the 'spooks' asked us to wait for a minute or two and while we were standing there with the guy all decked out in his scary gear I asked him a very important question. "How do you keep from laughing at the people you scare?" He replied, quite seriously, "'s hard." I almost laughed out loud at the way he said it but I totally understand, if I had seen me going through that Mill I would have laughed my head off.
I love being freaked out and this was a perfect experience. It was just what I was hoping for.
The group before entering the Mill.

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