Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Provo? Again?!

Ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, Gooooooooooooooo Cougars! 

Marissa and I at the womens' soccer match.

My crazy cheering partner.
Last weekend, I once again returned to Provo, UT. This time I got to experience some college sports and dang! I loved it! We went to the women's soccer match and guess what? We totally kicked some trash! That's something that kinda bums me out about BYU-I, we don't have sports. But I guess I can just visit Provo for my sports. I even had to invest in a BYU spirit shirt...which I kinda love...I have an affinity for t-shirts. I love wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants more than anything else when I'm just lounging about and now I can add one more to my collection. 

So I had a couple of experiences that, at the time kinda sucked, but looking back are pretty entertaining. First...me and some girls from Marissa's floor got lost in the Timpanogos mountains for about 2 hours trying to find this reservoir to go swimming. When we finally got out of the forest Marissa's roommate pipes up, "Hey do you want to use my map?" Haha. Yeah, she had a map the whole time and only realized it after the fact. By the time we got out of the mountains, it was well past dark and we were all kinda burned out towards the idea of swimming. But it sure is a conversation piece and a fun memory.
Next, my car got booted. Yeah. It sucked a TON! I was kinda freaking out a lot. Cause I didn't have enough money in my account to get it off right then and we needed to go back to the dorms. We had gone to visit a friend from home at his apartment and didn't realize we needed a permit. The fact that we were there until 3 in the morning probably had something to do with it though. Luckily, Garrett (the guy we were visiting) was nice enough to pay for the boot to get removed. Now I know to always check for parking restrictions.

Tunnel singing.
At BYU they do this thing called Tunnel Singing, which is just what it sounds like, singing in a tunnel. It's an amazing experience. So very spiritual. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried a bit. Everyone should experience this...seriously!

At the Provo temple...at midnight!

To cap off our super spiritual Sunday, we decided to go to the Provo Temple. Oh man, so beautiful! Not my favorite temple of all time but still so gorgeous. Especially at night. It's all lit up and amazing. And so peaceful. We couldn't go on the grounds because it was midnight but we walked around the perimeter nonetheless.

I also displayed some bravery this trip. Which made me happy.

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