Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Return to Provo

I spent another amazing weekend in Provo; it was just as awesome as the last time I was there. Sadly it seemed to go by even faster than the last. Not sure why exactly because we didn't keep nearly as busy. But that's just fine with me, it was a great break from reality. It's wonderful to spend time with people who really know me and that I can totally be myself around. I've missed seeing familiar faces in the blur of making new friends of the past few weeks.
Because Ben had a crazy schedule for dance over the weekend Marissa and I got in some really good quality girl time! We did what girls do; talked about boys, went to the mall, painted our nails, and laughed more than we normally would if we weren't together. I totally love that girl. We weren't the closest of friends in high school but we're sure getting closer and closer now. She probably knows quite a few of my secrets by now. I wish she was closer just so we could facebook stalk people together or whatnot.

We spent our Saturday almost entirely at Ben's dance competition, in which he did amazing! I love watching people dance who actually know what they're doing and Ben's definitely one of those people. I wish I had been exposed to dance when I was younger, heaven knows what I would give to be graceful and fluid with my motions.
Ben and I before he went out to dance.

Every time I hang out with these people we have to go swimming; I think it's like some unspoken rule or something. But we decided to go at around 11 at night. Before I jumped in (I was first haha) I didn't really think the water would be as chilly as it was, but it all turned out just fine. Spending a few minutes in the hot tub really made you want to get back in the cooler water of the pool. And it's always fun to hang out with Washingtonians, cause this time we took along another friend from home Tanner.

Marissa and I after swimming. We were pretty cold at this point.

Ben and I in front, Marissa and Tanner in back. I love these people!

Marissa and I went to a birthday party on Sunday that turned out to be quite entertaining. I made the comment that it was my first ever college party and the thought crossed my mind, "This is nothing like what a 'normal' person would consider a party in college." There were only a few of us, no booze, no dirty dancing or horrible music or filthy jokes. And it was fun all the same! It just goes to show that you can have just as much fun sober and you'll remember it the next day.
The birthday boy, Alex, playing our makeshift game of Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

Alex and Daniel making a pinata out of an old "Ding-Dong's" box.
Sunday night was spent going on an adventure with Benjamin. We ended up talking till we got kicked out of the dorm lobby so we went for a walk. On the way, I got a quick little lesson on snowboarding. I can't wait to sometime hit the slopes and really test myself. Eventually we found ourselves jumping the fence to some practice fields (I walked away with a few battle wounds from that) and got to see some really cool shooting stars. I get really excited when I see shooting stars. They fascinate me to no end. It really makes me feel so small, almost insignificant in the grand scheme of things, even though I know I'm not in the eyes of my Maker. I could sit and stare at the stars for hours if I'm allowed to, they're one of my favorite natural spectacles. It floors me that their light travels soo many miles just to put me in awe.

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