Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whoa, what a week!

This week has been so freakin amazing for me! I haven't been this busy since the week before I left Washington. Every day has been filled with some kind of fun with my new Rexburg friends or my sister's family. Last Sunday, I took a significant step of faith on my part and went to a student ward my sister found for me, on my own. In my last post, I related my nervousness and whatnot. Well, I'm so glad I took that step and did something a little scary.

It really goes to show that it's totally worth it to step out of that comfort zone in which we seem to always put ourselves. We limit ourselves so much with unfounded fear of rejection or failure when in the long-run, how important will it really be? In ten years, 15 years, will we care if we made a fool of ourselves in front of someone we were trying to impress? Nah. We probably won't even care that we did poorly on a test one time in class. And why should we? We have so many more important things to think about, more important things to dwell on and develop.

Anyway, I've really gotten to know some new people over the course of this chimerical week. I feel pretty lucky because this time last week I was pretty lonely and not sure if I should really be here in Rexburg or what. But now, I'm having too much fun to want to leave. A few weeks ago I started panicking about my choice to attend BYU-I over BYU in Provo because I never really pondered the choice or prayed about it or anything. I just went ahead and made the decision. But I think I got my answer and I think I kind of knew it all along. I have some real good friends going to BYU right now and in the fall, and I can totally see myself just hanging out with those people and not really expounding upon other friendships. Here, I don't really know anyone so everywhere I go, I'll be trying to make friends. Although I love my friends over in Provo, I know that in this time of my life I need to strike out on my own and really test the social waters. Rexburg is where I'm meant to be.

Funny part of all this, my new friends range in age from 21 to 24. Needless to say, I feel very young when I think about the age gap. Luckily for me they don't often call attention to the fact that I'm, at most, 5 years their junior. At first it really made me nervous to hang out with them but now I couldn't mind less. Each has made me feel included and even wanted for the fun. They're an awesome bunch of young adults that really know how to have fun. And I'm just lucky that I get to tag along!

To top off my really awesome week; I GOT A JOB!! My first job ever and it's at a theater. Basically I've died and gone to heaven. I'm so very excited to start, it's not even funny. Check back in about a month and that may have changed but I sure hope not. When that small little paycheck starts coming in that's when the party really starts. Just kidding. 

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