Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ward hoppin' errr Sunday

This was my third week of ward sampling and let me tell you right now, I'm loving loving LOVING it! Going to a different ward every week is way fun. Surprisingly so. It's kind of interesting because sometimes I know absolutely no one in the ward. But it's a great opportunity to meet new people, though I haven't since my first week of student wards.

Today, I went to some of my guy friends' ward. These guys are so awesome! All of them are around 5 years older than me but that's besides the point. As I was driving to church today (I was riding shotgun because ,they informed me, girls must always sit in the front) with this car full of young men I was thinking about how crazy it all was. I really enjoy feeling so safe when I'm with these guys, they treat me almost like a sister that they're watching out for...sometimes. ;) It's nice to know that if I need them they'll be there for me. If I ever need a blessing I know where to go for sure.

Student wards are truly spectacular! It's actually quiet during sacrament; there are no whispers, cries, random comments from toddlers, no laughing, no nothing, just quiet. Being able to actually focus on the Spirit is refreshing. I'm looking forward to church more and more.

On a related note, tonight as we were getting ready for family prayer my niece Eva walked over to her new baby brother and said, "Arms? O-Tay!" and she folded his tiny arms. It was adorable. And she was so proud of herself. Living with my sister and her family really lends to some very entertaining instances. Her kids too cute for their own good, her husband is incredibly generous, and I love hanging out with my amazingly witty and sharp sister.

P.S. I just looked over at my sister and her husband and they were throwing a diaper around like a ball...apparently they can't afford a ball. haha

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