Friday, August 12, 2011

Just an update :)

I discovered this song last night("Gravity" by Sara Bareilles) and instantly fell in love with it. The melody and piano really struck me as so beautiful and I wanted nothing more than to be able to play it and sing along as well. So I found the sheet music online and went up to campus to practice. I've been listening to it a lot so that I can really put the way it's supposed to sound down in my head (for some reason, I have to know exactly how it should sound before I can play it).

When I finally sat down at that piano with my sheets spread out and placed my hands on the keys, the world kind of fell away. Everything that has been weighing on my mind seemed to just seep away as I poured my whole attention into this piece. Playing the piano is such a freeing passion. When I'm playing piano, I feel like nothing can touch me. I'm filled with this irrational happiness. Of course I've got a LONG way to go before I'm an amazing pianist, but that's okay with me, as long as I love what I'm doing, I'm just fine. Being without a piano at the ready after having been in the same house as one for 18 years is so foreign and at times, I want to play so badly that it consumes my thoughts until I find myself at a piano on campus. It really goes to show that we should never take the little things or granted in our lives.

This is the song. :) Enjoy it as much as I did!

Kay, so on another note, I've decided to begin a work-out regime in my life. I haven't really exercised a whole bunch since cheer ended waaay back in January and it's beginning to show. I'm not okay with that, and it's something that I have quite a bit of control over. So a few days ago I went for a run...BAD idea. I've never been a good runner. And as a result, I say that I don't like it. I guess that's partly true. I do like running, I like being able to think and I like the feeling of getting away from things. Anyway, last night I decided to bike instead. I. Am. In. Love! Biking is my new favorite form of exercise! Being able to go fast and to feel the strength in your legs is so awesome. I'm going to try to go every day that I don't have to work.

 "It's not sweat, it's my fat cells crying." I love that quote and I thought you would like it too. :)

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