Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pre-College Experiences

Last weekend, I travelled to Provo to visit some friends from home who are already attending BYU there and goodness did we have fun!? I'd have to say yes we did. We filled every day with so many sweet experiences and made so many great memories that are unique to this period of time in our lives. I laughed so much last weekend, a much needed work out for my tummy!

My friends showed me "Rape Hill." So named because of this sign and the fact that a young woman was once raped here... 

NEVER again will I hike all the way to the top of the Y on the side of the small mountain in Provo while I'm out of shape! Definitely the hardest hike I've ever been on, though going at 1:30 in the morning really helped; it wasn't nearly as hot at that time.

We hiked to the top of that Y.
Marissa and I hiking. Oh and Ben's finger too.

But after the hike we drove to Krispy Kreames to Dumpster dive for some discarded donuts (They were sealed and perfect just in case you were wondering). Oh yeah, it was now 3 in the morning.

Tanner, Alex, and Marissa getting the booty. :)

Dancing has always been one of my absolute FAVORITE pass times. I with more than anything that my mom had forced me into dance when I was little, cause it's almost painful to watch myself dance (like in old cheer stuff). But anyway, I got to go to my first college dance while I was over in Provo and had a blast. My buddy that also took me to Prom escorted me to this dance as well, so we had another really fun night dancing the night away!

Haha, I love how Ben is the only boy in this picture. These girls were so awesome!!
So basically I'm loving being an almost college student that can basically do whatever she wants. It was so much fun to just go out every night and do something new and exciting. I'm not nieve enough to think that's how it will always be but it's nice to have a break from reality every once in awhile. Healthy even. Even though I'm spending the majority of my summer in Rexburg, it's nice to know that I'm only 4 hours away from some people who will welcome me back whenever I need them. I can't wait to finally start meeting new people here in Rexburg and to start school in September.

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