Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Steps

So my mom just left me in Idaho with my kinda feels weird but hasn't completely hit me yet. I don't feel like I'm on my own yet. It'll probably hit me like a bag of bricks in a few days. Till then I'm just gunna enjoy a little more independence.

A few years ago I looked forward to this time when I would be done with high school, living in a different state and getting ready to start college...but now that I'm here? I'm not so sure I'm ready. I don't feel old enough to be rubbing shoulders with these kids here. They all seem so much more educated and mature than I. Every day, I'm reminded by some small thing or other that I have so much more to learn and experience. Am I really ready to start this next chapter of my life? There are times when I feel like that answer is a firm NO but then again I know that I must do this. I need to stretch out of my comfort zone and try new things. Fail a few times and pick myself back up again, without the help of my parents or people I've known for years.

Yesterday, I took my first tentative step away from all things familiar and went to church on campus in a student ward for all the kids that are staying behind for the summer. My friend was going to meet me there but her ward didn't get over till about half-way through the service, so I was on my own until then. When I found myself freaking out about going Saturday night, I kept saying to myself "What do you have to worry about really? You're just going to sit and listen to people talk. You get to hear some really good messages that will really help you out. Just go and sit. There really is no downside." So I went. And I was my FIRST ever student ward! When all those heads swiveled to look at me enter the room, it was too late to back out. But I did end up making a new friend in Sunday School. A young man took pity on me and asked if the seat next to me was free and we got to know each other a bit. It was refreshing to have a real conversation with someone closer to my age. Being constantly surrounded by children can be draining.

Tonight is Monday night and that means Family Home Evening (or FHE for short)...and that means that there is an activity. Tonight though they're just doing a kind of dinner thing and probably some 'ice breaker' games. The bishop said he wanted to get to know us all, seeing that we're going to be going to church together for about 6 weeks.

Wow, I only have 6 more weeks till I move into my apartment!? WHAT?!!!?? I'm soooo excited. It's going to be amazing to finally have a bigger room. Haha. And to meet my roommates. Just hope none of them are crazy....

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