Friday, January 28, 2011

New Semester's Resolution

Well, I'm officially half-way through my senior year of high school. It seems so weird that in only a few short months I'm going to be throwing a blue cap into the air with about 400 other kids. That will be a sight to remember. I can't wait to see the smiles and laughter and tears that will be shed on that day. I can't wait to take pictures in those awful blue gowns we've all had to buy. BUY, yeah, who in the world is going to use their graduation gown again? I mean, seriously, why couldn't we rent them people? Haha.

Finals were this last week and I did relatively well in all except my APCalc class. Totally failed the final. Completely. 13%. There's something you need to know about me; I never fail classes. I never get below a B- on things. And I'm sitting on a F in Calc. This is just weird for me. Bizarre! But I know what I'm going to do. There are people out there that would say, "Screw it! APCalc is an elective (for me) and it doesn't really matter cause I've already got enough math credits, so why try?" Well, NOT ME! I'm going to kick Calculus' butt this semester. I'm going to show it who's boss, who's in charge. It will be so afraid of me. I'm not going to procrastinate. (I've said that before.) But things are different now, I've got something I have to make up for. I need to prove myself. I'm not going to give up just cause it's harder than I expected. I can't just give up, that would be admitting defeat and I know I can do this. Anything can be accomplished with courage, hard work, and determination.

So it's a Friday night and what do I plan on doing? Hanging out with my friends? No. Going out with me mom? Already did. Watch a movie? No. I'm going to make some calculus wish it had never crossed me. Next semester I want to be like Elle Woods from Legally Blond, how she is totally out of her league with Harvard and falling behind like nothing else but then she works her butt off and turns out to graduate with honors. That's my favorite scene in the movie, when she goes out to buy her laptop and starts studying more than ever before in order to achieve something that means a lot to her. That's what I'm going to do. I want at least a B in calculus. I can do that. That is a totally attainable goal. I know it. That's my new semester's resolution. I think that every student around the world should make a new semester's resolution...or trimester, whatever they're on. What better time to turn things around then on a fresh start. Slates are wiped clean on semester changes. Clean, fresh starts all around. I love it. Let's go!

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