Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last night I went to my school's Toga dance as a fundraiser for the Senior Ball at the end of the year and I had a blast but there is something I wish we still had at dances. The above videos are examples of ballroom dance that I wish we had these days. I think that it looks like so much fun the way they all know what to do and their not just swaying to the music or "grinding" on each other or else just kinda bobbing around. They have a purpose it their movements, they're meeting an end.

I wonder, do they still have the grand balls that they used to? Where the ladies dress to the nines and the men are gentlemen in stead of grabbing some random girl (or their own date) and using her just to 'get some?' I wish I still lived in the day when the guys treated me and all girls respectfully. I know I loath being made to feel less than a person and it's happened before, I never want to go through that again.

Going to an old-fashioned Ball would be such a blast. I would LOVE to get one of those old dresses and go on the arm of a gentleman that is also in period appropriate dress. Ahhhh...but what will I see at the Senior 'Ball?' Girls trying to show off as much of themselves as possible and guys that do the bare minimum to look appropriate for the event, people dancing so close you can't see where one person ends and another begins. It's gross, I mean come on people, have a little class?

What ever happened to guys being creative to ask a girl to a dance? Is chivalry dead? I don't know. Sometimes, I'll be talking to a guy and they will make it seem like it's not but then only hours later they do something opposite of what they just said and kill it all over. At my school, guys are perfecting their cajoling skills with the ladies. I swear. Ugh. I want a guy to sing "Can't Take my Eyes Off of You" over the loud speakers to me. I want some guy to ask me to Prom by drawing all over my car leaving flowers on the hood, putting up fliers all around school looking for me. I wish all these things would happen but will they? Alas, no. I try not to even think about the Senior Ball for one simple reason, no one to go with.


Cristie and girls said...

Gotta agree with you there!! Those old, classic, ball's would be SO much fun! Dress in those super old, 1800's ballgowns, get a guy, and do those waltz's that everybody knows. Where everybody just waltz's around. Too bad not much of anybody else thinks that that is a terrific idea. That's why I never went to a school dance until my senior ball. And I left after an hour and 15 minutes. I just did not enjoy it.

Bri said...

I would sooo love to do something like this, seriously it's a dream of mine. I don't mind school dances, I've gone to all that we've had this year and had a blast but I wish there were special ones that were from a certain period.

Cristie and girls said...

That would be soo cool! I'd definitely join in on that one! All learn a waltz, a group waltz, and get one of those renaissance ball gowns! If you figure out a way to do one, count me in! Haha! :)

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