Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't it just start now?

The week before Christmas I found out that my dream college decided they wanted me. I'm going to be a Coug. A BYU-I coug. I was ecstatic when I found out. I can't wait! The best part is my best friend, A.K.A, my sister, lives there too. So we're going to have a blast together, even if I don't see her everday.

I'm most looking forward to getting out there and meeting new people cause frankly, I'm pretty lonely. I mean I have friends but no one I really tell stuff to anymore. I've never really had a friend that I told all my secrets to but I do wish I had someone a little closer to my age than my mom to talk to. I just want to have some really tight girlfriends that don't make me make the first move to hang out. It's tiring, always being the one to set things up and whatnot. I feel like it's been a really long time since I've really talked to anyone like that and it's all building up inside. Close to exploding as time goes by. But I guess that's just life right?

Though I'm not exactly looking forward to leaving my parents behind, I do really want to get out there and make friends with people who will actually put forth an effort with being my friend. I can't wait to finally have some fun on the weekends without having to worry about what they other people will do. Honestly, in the back of my mind, I always feel like my friends don't ask me to do things with them simply because they think I'll kill their fun because I have standards. It's unfair. But I guess, that's just the way it is right? Ha. Oh well, how many more months do I have to deal with it? Like 5? That's not too bad. At least it isn't years. :)

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