Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I walked into my AP Government class today expecting to have a great class period. My friend Kyessa was back from a trip she went on and we had a sub. Basically the formula for a perfect period. The sub lets us talk for a little bit, the normal "How ya doing? Oh I'm good...blah blah blah" business goes on. But the moment the words "You're going to watch a movie today." Comes out of her mouth I'm immediately on edge. I've come to realize that movies in school are no longer safe to just assume are clean. Which is sad. I knew that most likely I would be walking out of the class.

So we began this movie called 'Recount'. I thought it was going to be a documentary but then I saw Kevin Spacey so I knew it was a movie movie so I wanted to see the movie cover to find out the rating. A friend of mine looked up the ratin on his iPod and found out it was not rated because it was a made for HBO movie. (That right there should've warned me). So I kinda sat there thinking alright. Let's see. STUPID! Ugh. I should've left earlier. Anyway, there was this one character who obviously loved the F word and he used it as much as he can. Now I know that the Motion Picture Association of America has deemed that any movie with 2 or more uses of the F word is to be rated R. I wasn't going to sit and listen to that garbage.

I stood up right there and walked over to the sub and asked her if I could leave and she told me that I couldn't leave till someone else came back. I then told her that I wasn't going to sit there and wait for the other kid to come back because I thought that movie was offensive. She let me go. I would never let a teacher try to make me stay in a class through a movie like that. They have no authority to make me watch a movie that I believe to be offensive; I'd just leave.

I'll bet you that many of the people in that class thought that I was stupid to get offended and leave the class. They probably thought, "Oh wow, she's dumb. Can't even take a little swearing. She's such a goody-goody." And if they think that then I guess I don't want them in my life either. My real friends would respect my beliefs and feelings. So hopefully I have some.

I've always thought that cursing is not an effective way to communicate. In my opinion, it shows a lack of knowledge, a lack of education. I think that you can get your point across just fine without resorting to swearing. It's not hard to refrain from using those words. I do it. I've made the choice to not swear. I would love if no one in the world cursed but I'm not stupid. All I ask is that people respect me enough to try to not curse around me. That's it. No one is with me 24/7 so is it really that much to ask? And I don't expect perfection in this either, I know people make mistakes but at least apologize perhaps? Please guys. Just keep it clean around me. :)


The Roberts said...

Good job Bri. I've done that before. But one time, the teacher wouldn't let me go. She said that it wasn't a big deal, that it was just a 10 minute clip, but I told her that I didn't care. I left anyways. I got my grade docked a little, but I still left. Maybe someday people will realize that they really need to care about what they watch.

Bri said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've never been stopped from leaving a class because of a movie before. My teachers are normally pretty good at letting me go. But yeah, it's annoying and sad. :(

The Roberts said...

It is. Very much so. SO glad that that's all behind me now. Here, it's very much a rarity when we watch a movie, and when we do it's always a documentarie. I don't have to worry about it anymore. And, if I don't like it, then I just leave, and the teacher really couldn't care less whether we're there or not. Gotta love college! :)

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