Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I just don't understand

There are a few things that have me scratching my head at the moment.....ONE: why people (teens) are so disrespectful to people who are simply trying to help them. TWO: why people don't think about the consequences of their actions. THREE: how in the world I'm going to finish everything I need to finish.

One... I've been in school for a while now and I've been on a few different sports teams. I think it's safe to say that I have a pretty firm grasp on what it's like to have a good teacher or coach. I've had some really great teachers/coaches...and I've had some not so good ones. Sometimes you get that one instructor that is pretty tough on ya, really trying to get the best performance and results out of you, that one person that really knows how to push you. At first glance they may seem kinda harsh or scary but if you take a step back and think, "hey this is a person just like me who has problems and a life outside of this room or gym or whatever. I'm not perfect so I can't expect them to be," then it becomes so much easier to understand where the person is coming from when they are telling you to do something. Normally when a teacher or coach is stern with you they know something that you don't know, for example a chemistry teacher may be stern with you about the burners you are using because he knows that if you don't do things exactly how he instructs you may get hurt.
As teenagers we like to think that we know everything and when we're corrected or reprimanded we immediately think "Oh this teacher/coach sucks at what they do." That is SO WRONG! People that react that way totally bug me. A great student knows that they need to be humble in order to truly become great. The only way to get better at anything is to listen to people who are devoting their personal time to helping you. They don't have to help you, no one is making them show up everyday to teach you or coach you; they could quit. No one knows everything, especially teenagers, even if you have been doing something for years and years. Yeah you might know a lot of stuff but you know what? Does it really hurt you to be humble and try new things when requested by those people who are giving up their time to instruct you? Nope. And in the long run, adopting the attitude of 'I'm so much better than what this person is making me do. They don't know what they're talking about...blah, blah, blah,' you're only hurting yourself because you can't improve on anything.

TWO....why don't people think about what will happen if they make a choice? A long time ago I heard this little thing about consequences of your actions. Imagine there is a stick lying on the ground and you pick it up. Well, by picking up one end of this stick you also have to pick up the other end. There's no getting around it. So basically when you make a choice (pick up the stick) you're also agreeing to recieve the consequences (the other end of the stick) whether they be good or bad. You can't choose the consequences of your actions, that's impossible because no one can predict the future. Although it's really great to live by the phrase Carpe Diem it's also wise to think through what you're deciding to do. Think about how it might turn out if you decide to pass on some information that you're not completly sure is accurate to people in your class. Think about what might happen if you decide to smile at that stranger in the hall who always seems a little sad. Please everyone just think!

THREE.... oh my goodness! There is soo much that needs to be done! So little time! I have about a month to get my Personal Progress done (a program that my church does for the women and girls, it's really really cool) so that I can get my medallion. I need to fine tune my piano solo for Young Women in Excellence (another church program :). I've got to figure out how to apply to BYU...soon. I'll get that one alright. I need to apply to get some scholarships cause I really want some money for college. I want to be crazy good at all the classes I'm taking this year and I want to pass all my AP tests in the spring so I need to start now. Whooo, you tired yet? I am. I need to get my leg feeling better so I can work on jumping again. I need to deep clean my room. I need to pick out my senior picture for the yearbook by friday. Oh my...Come on girl! You can do this. Haha.

Well, that's my rant for today. I hope everyone has had a great day today. It's real nice outside, go enjoy the sun on your face. Not much more of that will we get. :)

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