Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowman, Mommy, 2000!

It snowed a while back...it's snowing now. Ever since the very first snowfall, I've wanted to play in the snow but something always got in the way or else I just didn't feel like it when I had time. The other night, I was with a friend of mine and as we were driving by this park around 11 at night, the snow was calling my name; it was just so perfect, untouched, this gorgeous expanse of flawless white. I looked at my bud and asked him to stop the car so we could go run around in the field. Sadly, we didn't stop.
A few nights later though, I was able to get him to go with me to make this giant snowbaby. Oh, did I mention that it was uh midnight when we did this? Yeah. Most spontaneous thing I've done in awhile and I LOVED it! Although I didn't do very much of the work (he basically did everything except for packing snow around each section), I still take partial credit for this huge masterpiece. Sadly, the next day when I went by to check on Ted  (the snowman) there was a big ol' stick in his chest. So sad. And now he's completely toppled over. I'll make another some time.

On another note, my mom is in town! She leaves in the morning but it's sure been fun. I love having my mom around, I'm lucky to have such an incredible woman as my mother. Fortunately for me, she's coming back in just a few weeks. She doesn't like the weather though...

Oh yeah, we've reached over 2,000 pageviews! Not that big of a deal but I'm excited. Whoop!

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