Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who's your daddy?

Last night, as I struggled to fall asleep I was thinking about the men I've dated and am dating and I came to a realization. I have the BEST dad in the world. I mean, I've known that for ever but it really hit me last night. My dad has provided the perfect example of the ideal husband and father. Growing up, I never saw him angry with my mom, never raise his voice or become impatient, instead he was endlessly kind, generous and patient with everyone in the family. I can still remember him rocking me to sleep at night when I was no older than 6 and the silly songs he would make up as I was trying to catch those Zzz's.

My dad always thought of my mom before himself and I never really realized that until later in my life. When my mom needed a new car, my dad was fully supportive and even though he wants a new truck let my mom go find a new car. He dutifully provided for every small and big need that any of us needed. He made it possible for my mom and I to do all sorts of really fun things.

Basically, I know that's the kind of man I want to end up with, someone who is so extremely selfless and kind, generous and hardworking, patient and spiritual. You all might think you have the best daddy in the world...but you'd be wrong. Sorry, that's just the way it is in all actuality. My dad trumps all other dads out there. The end.

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