Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ASL, Coincidences, Letters, and Shooting

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means that I had the opportunity to go to devotional. Normally, I sit in the upper levels but this time I sat in the hearing impaired section with a friend of mine who is an ASL student. It was an incredible experience. Not only was the devotional particularly good, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the signers translating for the deaf students around me. Sitting there I realized that I wanted to be able to do that too. I decided that I have to take ASL next semester, I desperately want to learn how to use my hands and facial expressions to communicate with the people who are unable to hear, like I can. 

Somehow, I think I was supposed to be sitting in that very spot on that very day to come to the realization that ASL is something I really want to learn. My sister made a comment a little while ago about coincidences. She said that she's realizing more and more that there really are no such thing as coincidences, everything happens for a reason and works out for a reason. The people we meet, when we meet them, the experiences we have, when we have them. So true. I've always believed that but it was just something that I really needed to hear right then. Things really do happen for a reason, even if I don't realize it until much later or maybe even if I don't ever figure out the reason. Sometimes, I'm not supposed to understand why someone was put in my life because it's part of their story, not mine.

3 stamps...that's why my first letter never made it.
Also, I got a letter yesterday, all the way from AFRICA! Jealous? One of my friends is on a mission way over there and I couldn't be more happy for him. It's beyond words to watch a young man change over the course of two years through letters. I don't even know how to describe the difference I see in the missionaries I write to.

Last little tidbit for all you readers, I went shooting yesterday. Yeah. I know, I'm turning into a little Idaho girl. Not exactly sure how I feel about that yet. But I had fun so I guess I'm somewhat okay with the idea. I have to say the best part was the smell; it was like fireworks. Awesome I tell you. Hopefully, I'll be a great markswoman someday. We'll see about that....

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