Monday, September 24, 2012

I touched a camel!

It's Monday night, and that means FHE. Tonight was so much fun! Our group went to a local straw maze and just had a blast. This particular maze had a couple of really cool animals that we were able to take pictures with and just enjoy petting. 
I love this picture! It's like we're laughing at each other. Such a silly camel.
And yes, this is a baby kangaroo named Rudy. Adorable!
Of course we all split up once we got in the maze and the straw cut off all noise so silence was almost loud. I made an alliance with my two roommates Robin and Emily and one of our FHE brothers Gui. Of course, we got lost countless times and went in a ton of giant circles. But guess what?! We were the first ones to finish. Yeah, that's right. Maze couldn't keep US in. 

Gui, Emily, Robin and I after the maze

Our group about to get all sorts of lost.

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