Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm going to miss....

So Jostens came to my school today to meet with the senior class. *Sigh* Jostens takes care of all of our senior orders of graduation announcements and our cap and gowns. We have less that 200 school days till we graduate. I can't believe it. It all seems so....weird. I keep thinking that I'm not old enough for this, I'm not old enough to move out and grow up. I'm still just a kid with hardly anything figured out, no matter what other people think about me. In only 8 months I'm going to be walking out of my high school's doors for the last time. 13 years of schooling. 13 years of learning. 13 years of stress, laughter, highs and lows. I look back on Jr. High, I look back on Elementary, I look back on last year; I've grown so much and yet it all seems like just yesterday.

Although I am SOO excited to really begin my life I'm also dreading graduation because then it'll be over. The high school experience will be at its end. So many people out there hate everything to do with high school but I'm the total opposite. I love going to school. There is going to be so much that I'm going to miss next year. So much I will look back on and want to relive. So much that I wish I was still experiencing.

I'm going to miss sitting in my car before school either sleeping or jammin to some Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars. I'm going to miss seeing that full parking lot every afternoon (weird I know). I'm going to miss walking down the hall in the morning seeing people who are still obviously half asleep. I'm going to miss saying good morning to my friends as I pass them in the early hours of the day. I'm going to miss opening my locker to see an abundance of pictures on the inside. I'm going to miss standing by the lockers talking to my friends before going to class. I'm going to miss sitting in my classes totally spacing out then completely missing what the teacher just said and freaking out. I'm going to miss visiting with those guys that make me smile when I just want to cry. I'm going to miss screaming and sweeping my girl friends into giant hugs when I'd seen them minutes before. I'm going to miss my teachers that try so hard to be our friend as well as our instructor. I'm going to miss laughing so hard that I almost cry at something someone in my class randomly said in the middle of class. I'm going to miss dancing into my second period class every morning.
I'm going to miss skipping out on classes (with my teachers permission) only to go see Mrs. Stewart, Mr.White, or Mr. Kennedy. I'm going to miss watching movies in class and laughing at the bad acting. I'm going to miss the excitement everyone always feels when they see that the Banjo Man is their sub. I'm going to miss football games. I'm going to miss cheering for my boys under the Friday night lights. I'm going to miss the thrill and excitement of performing for my school. I'm going to miss the assemblies (especially pep) because of the energy in the room. I'm going to miss dancing down on the track before a football game or during our break at halftime. I'm going to miss going out with my friends on the weekends. I'm going to miss riding the bus with the football players.

I'm going to miss standing in the parking lot after school talking around my car. I'm going to miss hanging out in the training room laughing with everyone in there. I'm going to miss going to movies with my friends. I'm going to miss eating lunch with my friends. I'm going to miss going into the student store and the staff knowing exactly what I want before I even get to the counter. I'm going to miss watching the lunch games that are supposed to happen every Friday but never do. :) I'm going to miss spirit days! I'm going to miss having an excuse to dress like a maniac. I'm going to miss the formal dances and going crazy on the floor. I'm going to miss the everyday moments that can never be repeated or recreated.

I'm going to miss being in awe of Koki's projects for AP. I'm going to miss hearing "Bri Rogers, There she is!" in the halls. I'm going to miss late nights watching scary movies with Alyx curled into a ball on my hip. I'm going to miss slingin' my arm around Erica's shoulder in seminary and calling her Martha. I'm going to miss watching John and Erik play soccer. I'm going to miss seeing Booth jam to techno. I'm going to miss Michael Smith's crazy wordy questions. I'm going to miss Amanda's tic tac toe games. I'm going to miss giving Garrett dirty faces in the morning. I'm going to miss scolding Tori for copying my rallying at games. I'm going to miss yelling at Daniel's foot when I attempt to tape it. I'm going to miss laughing with Pele and Kyessa in government over something stupid that I didn't mean to say. I'm going to miss seeing everyone that I love everyday. I'm going to miss these amazing people that make up the highs and the lows of my life. I'm going to miss the people that make me laugh, who comfort me when I'm down, who wrap me up in hugs when I'm almost falling apart, who choose to talk to me when they could be talking to someone else. I'm going to miss the family of Eagles I see everyday.


The Roberts said...

Have no fear Bri!! A lot of those happen in college! Not quite the same, but they do still happen. But you know, I miss it too, actually. I'd have to say my senior year was my favorite year of high school. It was amazing.
You'll do great in college! So much freedom, it's awesome. :)

Alyx said...

I never really thought about it but there is so much I am going to miss. It seems like yesterday I walked through the doors of Frontier and now I'm about to walk out the doors of GK. Where did time go?! :)

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