Friday, November 26, 2010

I'd Just Die...

For Thanksgiving, I went to see Harry Potter again with my parents (in the IMAX) and it was awesome of course. My mom and I are huge lovers of movies. We go ALL the time. Most of my friends ask me about movies because they know that I see everything. Well almost, no R rated ones or risque PG13. But when we were coming home from Harry Potter the first time my mom and I finally realized why we love going to movies so much; it's an escape. For a few hours you can step into the life of someone else. You can be a wizard, a pirate, a bank robber, chief, football star, singer, or a star-crossed lover. The same can be said for books and you all know that I LOVE reading but movies...they're special.

I tend to really get into my movies. My friends always make fun of me because I cry alot. I cried when I watched Letters to Juliet and that movie isn't even sad! But I connect to it, not exactly sure why but I do. I love the music and feel and dialogue and lighting of movies. You don't get that when you read a book.

When the movie Poseidon came out my mom and I were watching it (of course) and when it got to the part where they have to swim underwater for what feels like 5 minutes through the corridors of the upside down ship my mom turns to me and with the most serious face ever says, "I'd just DIE." With this huge emphasis on die. I took a second then burst out laughing. We still use that line to this day. Anytime it gets scary in a movie she says, oh I'd just die. It may not be funny to you but if you know my mom you'll understand. She's hilarious.

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