Monday, December 6, 2010

My Chapter

I'm reading this book right now that is really making me think. It's called "Yearbook" by Allyson B. Condie. Alright, it's not an intense, soul-searching novel; it's just a fun read. What intrigues me is the way it's written. Every chapter is written from a different character's point of view. Some people would say that technique of telling a story would get really confusing and frustrating but it actually makes you think. You see some event happen from Character 1's POV and the effect it has on Character 2. The reader understands why Char. 1 does what he does and you want Character 2 to just understand. Then the POV switches to Char. 2 and you are put in their shoes and you understand where they are coming from. 

If, in life, we were able to see our lives typed out like that so many arguments and hurts would be avoided. If someone we cared about read our chapter they would understand how we feel. If we could read the chapter from our teacher we would realize that they are people just like us and we'd treat them with more respect. If we could read the chapter from the girl in the back of the room with her head down and music up would we feel a little more empathy? If we could read the chapter from the POV of the 'screw-up, delinquint' kid in our class would we understand that there are factors and circumstances surrounding him that we simply can't comprehend? What would it be to read about things that people are thinking and feeling, really feeling, not the superficial stuff they spout off when asked? I can't even imagine. It would be one crazy experience that's for sure.

But then the uncertainty also a necessary part of our life. Don't we all feel a little alienated from each other at one time or other in our life? It's normal right? I wish it wasn't. But I guess that's just life. Without uncertainty in our life would it really be as fulfilling and fun as it is. There'd be no anticipation and exhilaration. If you were certain that the cute girl you sit by in math was going to say 'yes' when you asked her to the big dance, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. Think about it. If you were certain that you were going to take first place at your athletic competition would you be as excited when you actually did? All in all, a little uncertainty is good for us. At least that's what I think.

I'm lucky to have this blog, it gives me an outlet. It gives me a way to artistically express myself through words and ideas. Yeah, sure, anyone can create a blog and anyone can write but not everyone does. Some people keep everything just bottled up inside. It eats at ya. I guess this is kind of my chapter. What will your chapter be?

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